Two Men Try to Steal a Powerboat in Huntington Beach After Drinking All The Beer In Its Fridge

​Oh, if only someone filmed this, it'd be the next YouTube sensation.
For now, we'll leave you with the written play-by-play: On Wednesday evening, two men from Riverside walked onto a 37-foot Egg Harbor boat in Surf City's Sea Harbour community, drank all the beer in the boat's fridge, untied the boat from the dock, and started the engine. Though–doh!–they couldn't figure out how to get the boat into reverse. 


Meanwhile, a friend of the boat owner, who was on vacation, called the cops, who came and busted the indiscreet boat snatchers.      
The Huntington Beach Police Department arrested 26-year-old Rory Lee Balcom and 20-year-old Carlos Vargas for burglary and possession of a stolen boat. They were booked at the city jail.

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