Two Costa Mesa Musicians Killed in Oregon Car Crash

Two local artists in OC's drum and bass and Jungle scene died in a head-on car crash in Oregon on Thursday. Steven E. Stinson, 28; and Christoffer T. Burke, 27, known as DJ Raid and MC Bizurk respectively, died from their injuries when the car they were riding in slammed into a truck travelling the other way on a two lane highway. Passenger Claire N. Honsaker, 25 was also killed in the crash. All of them were reported to be Costa Mesa residents. Driver Joshua F. Gibson, 27 was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and passenger Kean G. Krause, 21, was taken to a hospital. His status was not immediately known.


At 5:38 p.m. Thursday, police troopers and paramedics were called to a two-car crash on U.S. Highway 199 in Josephine County in the southwestern part of the state.
Gibson, was driving the group's Buick sedan and tried to pass another vehicle where passing was not allowed, colliding head-on with a Ford pickup truck, Lt. Bill Fugate said. The pickup driver sustained minor injuries.

According to their Facebook pages, Burke and Stinson were co-owners of Divine Rewind Events, based in Newport Beach and founded in 2013, which organized music events like Jungle Planet at Hogue Barmichaels.

Stinson's Facebook page says he studied business at Orange Coast College. According to the OC Register, Burke's brother Finn Burke said Friday that Christoffer went to Oregon to continue his training as an organic farmer. His friends went along to work with him on the farm.

According to a post Burke's Facebook page on July 26, Divine Rewind had been silent recently but were looking to become active again.

“I love music!! Every genre has something beautiful to offer… But I have to say that Drum N Bass has owned my heart since i first let go and let it tell me its story.. Jungle music saved my life!!! No matter any obstacles, myself and all of the Divine Rewind Events family will continue working to perpetuate and promote jungle music culture on We have been silent for a while but we have not been stagnant. We are always focusing energy on dnb in some way or another.. As I write this we have a free party in the works with an extra special international headliner as well as an all star showcase of North American jump up artists .. I have never posted such an extensive post but I felt the need to chime in and let anyone who might care know that we are not done and never will be! Much love and respect to all of our supporters / junglist soldiers everywhere!!”


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