Twitter Talked A Lot of Shit On Coachella 2015

Look at you bragging on social media about spending tons of money on your weekend one Coachella tickets, revealing your perfect Coachella attire, the bands you're watching (from a distance no doubt), and the “mind altering” items that are helping you to set the tone. Well we have news for you showoffs. We can do the same thing. Watch Coachella that is. The only difference is, we're in comfy clothes, the weather indoors is perfection, and our bathrooms haven't been severely violated by countless strangers. And while we're not saying that we are the clear winner in this Coachella contest, we are saying that looking at your countless pictures and videos has us feeling, as the kids would say, “some type of way.”


As those physically making a weekend of it at Coachella stayed overly irritating by rubbing their good time in our faces, some of us livestreamed and Twitter trash talked about not being there. With our fridges steps away. And a cold cocktail close by. With flowers in vases and not on our heads. And did we mention the air conditioning is on? Yeah, you get it.

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