Twitter Critiques Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance.

Whether you like football or don’t it doesn’t matter. You like Twitter. Shut up. You do! OK, OK, maybe you don’t like Twitter (lololol you do) and don’t like football either but, you do like Lady Gaga and couldn’t wait to see what she’d be doing/wearing for the Super Bowl Halftime show. Ugh. Alright then! Maybe you like football, like Twitter, and like Lady Gaga but listen, this is all beside the point.

Mamma Monster lit up the Pepsi sponsored Super Bowl LI Halftime show and boy oh boy was it fire. To some. OK listen, the moral of this long winded like and dislike story is, you like what the fuck you like but we watched the game, the halftime show, and we watched Twitter so you didn’t have to. And as per usual, they kept it candid as a mofo. And we like that. A lot.

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