Eat This Now: Kofte Sandwich at Aegean Doner & Kebap

With more Turkish immigrants coming to Orange County, restaurants serving up a taste of home keep popping up. Anaheim’s original Doner G Turkish and Mediterranean Grill and Fountain Valley’s Istanbul Grill currently deliver the doner delights, but a newcomer to the scene just arrived in Buena Park. Aegean Doner & Kebap offers all the standard beef and chicken wraps and combos eaters can find elsewhere, but distinguishes itself with the Kofte Sandwich.

Aromatically seasoned kofte meatballs are flattened into savory patties and stuffed into soft, flaky submarine sandwich bread. Thick tomato slices, lettuce and zesty onions add to the flavors upon first bite. The beef’s spongy texture is just greasy enough to lightly pat the bread inside. Ordering a Kofte Sandwich at Aegean  makes for the perfect lunch break at the hole-in-the-wall with affordable prices. Order with a side of fries or take a baklava for dessert.

And spread the word! Aegean Doner & Kebap only opened three months ago. Being the new Turkish restaurant in town, expect good hospitality. Two of the nicest guys around work the kitchen and if it’s your first time, they might even thinly slice off some doner from one of the rotating spits to sample or serve a complimentary glass of Turkish tea.

Now, off I return in my quest to find Turkish manti dumplings somewhere in this county!

Aegean Doner & Kebap, 10488 Valley View St., #5, Buena Park, (714) 220-1866;

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