Truth in Advertising: How Spicy Do You Want Your Soon Tofu?

At Cho Dang Tofu in north Glendale–the OC branch of which is closing next month–they're a little blunter than usual about the spice tolerance of non-Koreans.

Edwin pointed out that this is hardly limited to Cho Dang–of the OC soon dubu houses, only BCD uses the term “plain”, and it's my firm position that BCD is only acceptable when all other soon dubu houses are closed. (You know you're one of us–or a club kid–when you get a sudden craving for soon dubu at 3:15 a.m., and then, yes, BCD is where it's at.)

Our intrepid food critic posits
that “white” may refer to the color of a tofu stew that is unstained by
chile peppers. I don't know… my people are not famed for their
capsaicin tolerance, and a bowl of boiling hot tofu water would be about
what some acquaintances of mine would have to order in such a place.

Waiter, I'll have an entendre. Make it a double.

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