Donald Trump RT’s (Then Deletes) OC Woman’s Tweet of Train Smashing CNN Reporter

Days after Charlottesville, President Donald Trump retweeted a cartoon meme of the “Trump Train” ramming through a journalist with a CNN logo head this morning before deleting it minutes later. The image proved too evocative of Saturday’s “Unite the Right” violent race riot in Virginia that turned deadly when white supremacist James Alex Fields plowed through a crowd of protesters with his Dodge Charger, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer. A White House official told CNN the train wreck president “inadvertently” retweeted the image and deleted it as soon as it was noticed. Likely story…

The president’s tasteless retweet is making national headlines, but, of course, there’s a local loon at the center of it all. The original image came courtesy of Twitter user @SLandinSoCal, who says on Twitter that she’s from Corona del Mar and describes herself as a Midwestern-raised “independent thinker,” “truth seeker” and “Christian.” She tweeted the cartoon at 5:25 a.m. this morning at both Trump and Fox and Friends accounts before the president gave her a short-lived moment of social media glory.

In defense of her “Fake News Can’t Stop the Trump Train” tweet, the OC woman wrote, “MSM depicted my meme as showing the TrumpTrain ‘running over’ a reporter. #FakeNews!! The reporter is trying to stop it—feet popping ties.”

The Twitter user’s other memorable tweets include a meme of Barack Obama in Muslim garb as the “The world’s most wanted terrorist: Obama Bin Lying.” She also wondered aloud if Chartlottesville wasn’t a false flag conspiracy meant to damage the President’s image. When freelance reporter Brian Patrick Byrne shoved all the offensive and bat shit loco tweets back at her, the woman became defensive. “R U ASHAMED of being white Brian?” she replied. “I’m not. Nor am I a racist or a supremacist. BIG difference btween supremacist & nationalist, I’m neither.” Stay classy, CdM!

Somehow, this pendeja managed to amass more than 14,000 followers on Twitter, including Fox News personality Sean Hannity. And at this rate, the Weekly is going to have to double the size of its annual Scariest People issue in October!

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