'Tron: Legacy' Features Daft Punk Cameo; Will elecTRONica Have the Same?

​When the LA Times got a sneak peek of Tron: Legacy footage, a highlight of what Disney showed critics was a Daft Punk cameo. 

Considering it's the soundtrack that Daft Punk has been working on for the past two years, it seems like a small concession to make. 


According to Times:

In the scene, a pale white dandy called Castor portrayed by Michael Sheen (“The Queen,” “Frost/Nixon” ) reclines on a small divan waving a translucent walking stick. He glances over to a glass partition where two suspiciously familiar-looking robots stand over a computer mixing board.

“Change the scheme..! Alter the mood…! Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind..,” the fey and somewhat sinister Castor implores, prompting Daft Punk (or at least two guys wearing the duo's signature headgear — robot masks without which they have almost never been photographed) to trigger a barrage of digital fireworks.

The soundtrack will be available Nov. 22, and snippets can be found on tronsoundtrack.com

California Adventure's elecTRONica opens today (no, Daft Punk will not be performing); maybe you can spot touches of Daft Punk there, too?

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