Trivia Tuesdays

Just like burlesque shows were lighting up every club calendar last year, trivia nights are the hot new mid-week to-do. Kitsch Bar, with it's intimate, red-lit setting and cozy lounge-style seating, is riding the trivia wagon, too, and we're pretty excited about it. So gather your best know-it-all drinking buddies (teams are two to four people), settle on a team name (Here for the Beer is already taken so don't even think about it), and prepare to for an epic battle of wits. Hosted by Writer Rob, Trivia Tuesdays pokes at those deep crevices in your brain—maybe you'll conjure up some long-forgotten fact about clown fish or something. You might even win a round of free shots.

Tuesdays, 9 p.m., 2013

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