Trendzilla: Poshmark Comes to Orange County

Attendees of Posh Part Live

Almost everyone has something in their closet that they no longer wear that can be used to make some extra money. But for some, getting started on marketplace apps can be confusing. Luckily, Poshmark came to Orange County last week with Poshmark Live- offering users a chance to get tips on how to make better sales and connect with peers with drinks and photo opportunities.

Poshmark is an app that allows users to buy and sell used clothing. Poshmark users (or “Poshers”) curate their “closets”, Poshmark was initially catered only to women, but they have recently expanded to categories for men and children. Live events are hosted twice a month in cities across the United States, and the event in Orange County is the last of 2018. LyAnn Chhay, the Senior Vice President of Community at Poshmark, says that LA and Orange County is like a “second home” for Poshmark. “[Orange County Poshers] are very fashionable, they’re very on trend and almost ahead of the game. They definitely love the empowerment and the whole lifting up of each other, the whole community that we have here,” she says. “Everyone is so supportive of us and has been with us since the beginning. and it’s great to see it grow from not only the small group of people that has been with us since 2012 to the large group that exists today.”

Early in its history, Poshmark had no “buy it now” button, and this in part led to the development of Poshmark Live. “I would facilitate all the transactions offline by helping set up a meetup or a happy hour where people could come exchange the money for the goods,” says Chhay . “So we started that in 2012, and that’s really something that stuck with us because at the time in 2012, there was maybe a few people that would show up and now we have hundreds and thousands of people coming to our events all across the country.”
One of the highlights of the night was a Q&A session with prominent local Poshers. Jennifer Warnes (@abritishposher), originally from England, says that Poshmark gave her an opportunity to make friends in a new country. “I really like poshmark as a way to find my people, find people who are interested in the same things that i’m interested in, get excited about the same things I get excited about.” Joy Marino (@joyamarino) uses Poshmark as a way to make extra money outside of her full time job. “It’s a positive outlet. I work full time, so I use it to spend my spare time sharing, interacting with people,” Joy says. “It’s the most positive app that i’ve ever come across for selling items.”

Jennifer Warnes, Joy Marino, and Adiel Nuesmeyer

What makes Poshmark different from similar marketplace apps like letgo or Depop is the focus on community. It wasn’t uncommon to hear stories from attendees of making lifelong friends on the app. “If you’re familiar with Poshmark you know that what has always been our north star is our community, says Chhay. “We focus on the people and we really want to make sure everyone’s having a good experience.”

Although there are no plans for Poshmark Live to return to Orange County for the near future, there are frequent community meetups, called “Posh and Sips”. Adiel Nuesmeyer, Director of Community at Poshmark says that local users organize these meetups themselves, but Poshmark helps boost the event with marketing. These events are usually at restaurants or coffee shops, but sometimes involve going on thrift store hunts for items to list. “It’s an opportunity for people to met each other, connect, and build relationships through various events,” says Nuesmeyer.

Attendees could take part in a closet consultation session with a veteran Posher and get tips on how to improve their sales. Monique Gatillon and Andrea Moran, representing LA Retro Girl (@laretrogirl), were two such consultants. They help new users with product photography, customer service, and overall presentation, but say that their most common piece of advice is consistency- posting every day, responding to messages, and getting things shipped out in a timely manner.

Andrea Moran and Monique Gatillon representing LA Retro Girl

There are plenty of marketplace apps to choose from, but for one with a vibrant community and easy to use seller tools, Poshmark might be the best option.  “This is so different from eBay, Instagram, Etsy, Youshare,”Marino says.  “It’s a community you support each other.”

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