Trendzilla: Just Food for Dogs—Safe for Everyone!

More people are learning that diet is a huge contributor to illness and now are applying that same knowledge to their pets. And a company appropriately named Just Food for Dogs is pushing hard for a change.

JFFD doesn't sell anything but dog food, but it's real food. Most of the ailments your pets face—weight gain, sore muscles, itchy skin and poops so watery that a trash-bag glove is useless—can be fixed with the proper nutrition. Their physiology functions like ours: They eat bad food; they feel like shit. What we generally know as “dog food” is made in bulk and for cheap, meaning with fillers, scrap meat, organs and bones—all unfit for human consumption.

A handful of companies are selling better products, but few compare to JFFD. Its meals could pretty much pass for a casserole your grandma made in the 1960s. The combos contain no preservatives, growth hormones or artificial ingredients. JFFD has also taken a stance against selling raw dog food because uncooked items could contain harmful pathogens, and a light sauté in a skillet does nothing to lessen the nutrients.

There are four stores in SoCal, including one in Newport Beach, and each has an open kitchen where meals are cooked and packaged. The Newps location resembles a hipster farm-to-table restaurant! JFFD's meals are about three to five times more expensive than shitty dog food, but you win with fewer vet bills and a happier pup.

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