Trendzilla: Green Bliss Brings Socially Conscious Caffeine to Downtown Fullerton

If there's one thing downtown Fullerton has covered, it's beverages. And not just of the alcoholic variety—there are quite a few fantastic coffee shops, as well, including Green Bliss. Located in the beautiful Villa del Sol plaza, it wins at much more than being a caffeine stop. It's a meeting place that pulls the threads of the local and eco-friendly community together. Here are a few reasons why we love it:

Sustainability. There's none of that “this cup is made with 5 percent recycled paper” hogwash—all of Green Bliss' cups, boxes and to-go utensils are biodegradable. The dairy and limited meat selections are sourced from organic, California farms, and workers compost everything that doesn't end up in customers' bellies. And Green Bliss offers bags of used coffee grounds for your garden—those are organic, too, and like crack for your soil.

Community. It's hard to describe the feeling one gets when looking at a physical community board nowadays. It's almost like reading a real newspaper! Near the back of the store, you'll find one regularly pinned with what Fullertonians have to offer. Green Bliss also holds several events during the year to support local charities and teach people how to drink coffee like proper hipsters.

Handmade Market. A wall in the shop is almost completely stocked with handmade items from local artists, some so unknown you can't even buy the stuff online. And while it's not unique to have a pop-up in a coffee shop, the offerings make it more than just an Etsy wallet drain. Check out the reusable bags from U-Konserve in San Francisco, as well as hand-drawn cards, pottery, mini plushies and jewelry by Orange County artists.

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