[Trendzilla] Extra! Extra! Suspenders Still Holding Up!

It's not New York, and it's not 1899.

It's 2008. And suspenders? Still holding up pretty well. (Sorry.)

The modern-day version of suspenders came about in 1822, when the cut of 19th- and 20th-century trousers rendered belts ineffective.

But suspenders have been pretty much cool forever.

Union soldiers wore 'em, So did John Wayne. Larry King never goes without. And even Dystopian Alex and his droogs sported them, and thatfilm was supposed to take place in a not-too-distant future.

Hedi Slimane prominently featured skinny suspenders (or “braces” to the Brits) teamed with sleeveless flannels, brogues, trenches, checkered skinny ties, and short-sleeved, slim-fit, collared button-ups in his spring 2006 runway collection. The whole thing was noticeably influenced by Slimane's then-obsession with former Libertine/current train wreck Pete Doherty, but the collection pretty much lifted the entire wardrobes of 2 Tone/rude boys and mod-revival kids of the late '70s.

Even now, suspenders are still an overtly hip accessory—like fringed boots, high-waisted shorts and leather jackets—so one has to be careful when putting together an outfit. Too thin, and you might get some skinhead (as in the original working-class English dudes who listened to reggae) comparisons. Too thick, and you might get some Gallagher comparisons. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and well-fit, especiallythe pants, lest you want to procure some new-wave comparisons. And trust me, that's not good.

This guy spotted outside a show at the Glass House looked like an extra on the set of Newsiesfrom far away at first. But a cute one. With his tan-colored plaid baker-boy cap, checkered button-up with the sleeves pushed up, black suspenders and dark trousers, he kind of looked ready to hawk copies of the New York Herald Tribune. But his own personal touches with the Wayfarer-like shades and distinctly hipster brown-suede moccasins modernize the look while adding some individuality.

Onetiny, itsy complaint, though: No belts with suspenders, guy. It's weird.

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