Trendzilla: A Little Known Shop Isn't

For proof that Community in Anaheim is making entrepreneurship less scary, consider A Little Known Shop. Where else could taxidermied yetis, baby booties, geeky fan art and same-sex marriage prints be successfully sold under the same brand? After two years, it has become so successful that owners Danielle Ochoa and Eva Sowinski will split into separate locations to cover more ground.

“We were nervous to tell people at first,” Sowinski admits. “We didn't want them to think we had bad blood!”

Ochoa agrees: “We need to expand and grow into our separate passions.” She curates Etsy-centric handmade items, while Sowinski brings in everything comic-book geek; now, each will hone in on her own clientele.

Ochoa will move across the alley and open an “alternative” baby store. “I want to sell clothing and toys for babies and mommies that you won't find anywhere else,” she explains. “And when I say alternative, I mean, this is where you'll come to buy a Flight of the Conchords onesie.” She also plans on hosting a weekly story time, sing-alongs and breastfeeding groups.

Sowinski will close A Little Known Shop and go further down the cultural rabbit hole to become Fan*Alley, the ultimate geek and fan art destination. “It's going to be the closest you can get to Artists' Alley at Comic-Con,” Sowinski says. She's well-stocked already, but she plans to add even more monsters, heroes, fantasy characters, and artwork. “We're not just a store,” she says. “We're an event space and gallery where you can meet these niche artists in person.”

A Little Known Shop will close its doors in April; the new stores will open sometime in June. Until then, follow @alittleknownshop on Instagram for last-minute steals—and look out for grand-opening parties!

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