Come on, say it with me now: “Awwwwwwwwwwww.”

Look at her in her little polka dot blouse, three-fourths-sleeved cardigan and tea-length skirt. And lace-trimmed skimmers! Holy shit!

When in doubt, kids, always go with the classic female silhouette. Cardigan and skirt? Never fails to impress and enhance any body type. Seriously.

So the swinger (the dancers, silly!) style has been in play for quite some time now, first showing hints in mainstream fashion in the late '90s. While it's faded away to make room for the hipster Urban-Outfitters-threw-up-on-me style and (I guess) the rockabilly thing, this girl still manages to look up-to-date andtotally adorable. She pulls off the all-too-well-known swinger look but keeps it contemporary by incorporating the little things: the bird button on her collar, the layered bracelets, the oval-shaped half frames, and, most important, her shorter, modern-day pageboy haircut dyed to a deep, rich black hue.

While most girls out there who choose to dress in this style seem to stick to the primary colors (red and blue particularly), even the colors of this girl's outfit help keep it current: army-fatigue-green cardigan and black everything else. It's simple and probably hassle-free. And it looks fantastic.

It's also worth noting that the polka dots on her blouse are the size of pinpricks. Anything larger is obnoxious, people.

Please take note. K, thanks.

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