Section IV of the Hipster Creed says hair and shoes are everything. Our girl here mixes that with fall '06's massive androgyny movement (Marc Jacobs' sharp vests and shrunken blazers, Gaultier's flirtatious, eyebrow-raising menswear), and the result is casually sophisticated; hip-but-not-too-hip. It's the “This is what I look like when I'm nottrying” outfit.

Okay, so, yeah, it's just a nondescript graphic tee. And a solid-colored jacket. And some jeans. And a plain canvas tote bag as a purse. But while other patrons at the event are decked out in overtly (or overly) hip attire—bold, ruched white ankle boots, weird facial hair and wide-as-hell patent leather waist belts—this girl's modest digs are just what's so damn great about her. Everything works, from her stylish Faye Wong circa Chungking Expresscrewcut to the cobalt blue of her sorta-Members Only jacket. The hair alone is on its own level: the simplicity of the pixie cut doesn't distract from her cute-as-puppies-and-kittens-and-rainbows facial features. Seriously, you know how attractive you have to be to pull off a close cut like that? Think Natalie Portman. Demi Moore. Sinead O'Connor (she waspretty, you know). Shannyn freaking Sossamon!

The best component of the whole getup, though, has to be the burnt sienna brown docksiders. A great alternative to last fall's overdone moccasin craze (you know it's over when Payless starts producing them), I haven't seen docksiders on anybody this side of Hyannis Port—except maybe USC trust fund baby frat bros—in years. The other kids I saw—Mr. and Mrs. Indie Rocker Extraordinaire, I'm talking to you—were totally cute too. But this girl was every bit as stylish. Without even trying.

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