Ricki American Lager at Towne Park Brewing Company, Our Beer of the Week!

Towne Park Brewing was established in 2014 at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado Canyon by Brett Lawrence. Brewing craft beer on his family’s ranch was just one of many Stetsons that Brett has worn as he helped run Rancho Las Lomas, which hosts about 130 events a year and is also a wild animal preserve complete with tigers, zebras and a parrot named Darwin. And these good times are about to get better.

THIS SATURDAY, September 22nd, Brett and his family will open their beautiful new Towne Park Brewing Anaheim location, 20,000 square feet of craft beer heaven with gleaming equipment with plenty of areas where you can watch the brewing process along with the canning and bottling operation. In charge of all this is Head Brewer Jeremy Mayo, who developed all the recipes for the beers. Guided tours will be part of the ongoing culture that Brett, who plans to bring his family’s Rancho Las Lomas hosting experience to ensure that every guest experiences a veritable Suds-a-Palooza every time they visit. A tasting room has two big-screen TVs and a view of the brewing area; the bar will serve non beer drinks such as Kombucha and cold brew coffee on nitro. The outside patio has plenty of room to chill, and there’s a parking area for food trucks. If you’re interested in hosting a private event, there’s a separate room for parties and catering can be arranged—BOOM

And the beers are already off to a great start. They’re named for the women of the Ranch and their personality—for instance, the White Ale is named Lily after the White Bengal Tiger on the Ranch. Pale Ale “Jeannie” (5.6% ABV) is hop forward with a nice malt finish. A characteristic of Jeremy’s brewing technique is the clean finish of all his beers, which makes this pale ale very enjoyable. You see this in the Sour “Sara” (3.8% ABV)—super-fresh, tart, fruity, very clean finish with no bitter aftertaste.

As for American Lager “Ricki” (4.7% ABV)? Delicious! Refreshing AF! Perfect beer to watch Monday Night Football, with some tasty hot wings and pizza! Congratulations to the Lawrence family and welcome to AleAHeim!

Towne Park Brewing, 1566 W. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, (714)844-2492; www.towneparkbrew.com

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