Total Wine Opens in Tustin: Ribbon Cutting Today

Just made it under the wire for Oktoberfest. Total Wine, the alkie's Costco (well, that's not an apt methapor since Costco has booze too doesn't it?), has opened in at the Tustin Marketplace (next to Best Buy) in what used to be a furniture store. Now that last part should give you an idea of its enormity. Count 'em: that's 20,000 square feet of wine, spirits, and beer.

In fact, their motto is this:

8,000 wines. 2,000 spirits. 1,000 beers.

To clarify, that's 8,000 different kinds of wines. 2,000 different kinds of spirits. 1,000 different kinds of beers. Or as it's otherwise known in fraternities: “a good weekend”.

Although the store has been open since the 16th, today at 6 P.M., the mayor of Tustin will be there to cut the ribbon.

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