Top Five “Wrecking Ball” Parodies

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, than Miley Cyrus's shaved head must be on the verge of explosion. OK, that might be a bit of little wishful thinking on our part. Miley's song “Wrecking Ball” took over the charts and got the ball rolling for people all over the world to immediately grab their tighty whiteys and sledge hammers. From covers to parodies, here are our picks for the Top Five Wrecking Ball Videos from the folks that had the cojones to humiliate themselves for our viewing pleasure. Oh, and after you check out this list, can we all pretty please agree that we don't want to ever hear the song “Wrecking Ball” song again? Super.


5- Andy Rehfeldt Ft. Thomas Hinds

Miley is far from hardcore so when you gain the attention of death metal overdub master and You Tube sensation Andy Rhefeldt to cover one of your songs, you know you're song is ripe for the mocking. This heavy ass version gives fans of the genre a reason to rock the fuck out. And rocking the fuck out is something that Miley could never EVER do no matter how hard she tried, although watching her attempt to headbang to this track would be a treat.

4- King The Kid

When a band wants to cover your song it's most likely an honor. When said band accompanies it with a parody type video though–ehh, maybe not so much. King The Kid's vocals are actually light years better than the rest on this list but let's be real, if anyone saw this group of half-naked dudes at a park, a phone call to the police should've happened. Indecent exposure at the park aside, we're not sure why the dumping of applesauce, shredded cheese, and chocolate chips come into play along with a slew of other food items but screw it, it definitely worked.


3- Bart Baker

We can't figure out if Bart is hot or not but either way, he's pretty god damn awesome for changing all of the words to this over played song. Add in a cameo by Ron Jeremy along with a seriously cringe-worthy one from Steve-O, and a heavily made-up Baker went all in with this Wrecking Ball parody. And we appreciate it a lot. Best line: “Time for me to lick this hammer like it's, a big metal penis.” Hilarious.

2- Ron Jeremy

Iconic porn star Ron Jeremy is generally known for putting his balls on people but in this “Wrecking Ball” cover, he's the one on the ball. The wrecking ball. No one can deny this version is scary as shit but we admire Wreck it Ron's dedication to learning all of the words to pull off this cover as well as the sultry looks he gives during this video. We also admire the dedication of the chain attached to the wrecking ball for holding his weight.


1- Steve Kardynal

All you have to do is literally watch this lip-sync of Wrecking Ball for two seconds and you'll totally understand why we chose it for our number one pick. Steve Kardynal is fucking hysterical and if any of those people logged onto Chatroulette to get their “rocks off,” we certainly hope they learned a valuable lesson. Wait. We take that back. Kardynal looks better in a bikini than a lot of people we know so if the viewers did get off, at least they did it with an extra-large smile on their face. Well fucking done, Steve.

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