Top 10 Tweeters of 2014

Another year has passed and as it seems with every year that goes by, Twitter just keeps picking up momentum. More comedy inclined folks are oozing out of the woodworks to entertain the masses but with so many accounts to choose from, which ones do you follow? We still stand by last year's list because those 10 didn't disappoint this year either, but, it's a new year so we felt inclined to push forward a whole new group for you to feast on. Putting these tweeters in an order is honestly not fair because they all really slay. But since it is the assignment and since we know you all love a good list (even though you all constantly bitch about them), here is our roundup of the “Top 10 Tweeters of 2014.


10. Danny Charnley (@DanKCharnley)
Bio: #1. standup comic. writer ordinaire. prolific failure. wolf. danny writes his bio in the 3rd-person & pretends someone else did it. people say danny's damn cool.

We gotta agree with this man's bio, Danny really is damn cool. Talking shit on just about everyone and everything (as well as consistently mocking himself), Danny delights turning the drabbest circumstances into laughable ones while staying fearless and never failing to amuse us on Twitter. OK enough ass kissing, those are the reasons Danny has been one of our faves this year.

9. Kelly Dwyer (@KDonhoops)
Bio: Entertainer/personality. Editor of Yahoo!'s Ball Don't Lie blog.

Kelly writes a lot about sports on Twitter (because obviously that's what he does best) but, he also keeps it topical dropping gems on us about his family life, slides in a little music activity, and he's beyond fast with the wit if you ever try to engage him. (Trust us, he's good.) He also proposed a very important question in 2014 that still has us up at night which was, “Why does Guy Fieri only have tattoos on his left arm and not his right arm?” Hopefully in 2015 we will all get the answer to this one.

8. Kirk Fox (@KirkFox)
Bio: Jokes at night. Had a talk show once now I don't. Sewage Joe on parks and rec. I'm working on my posture. I prefer the shade.

Semi self-deprecating, somewhat insightfully thoughtful, and constantly dropping dimes on us like “life is a participation trophy” and “whooping cough sounds a lot more fun than it actually is,” Kirk's quick quips keep us rolling and scrolling on his timeline. On an even more positive note, Kirk is equally as funny on the stand-up stage so if you get a chance to see him live, follow him there too. In a non-stalkery way.

7. Tom Tebow (@IamEvilTebow)
Bio: The Evil Brother of Tim. I throw right handed, frequent strip clubs & don't even go to church on Easter

“Tom Tebow” is another one of the greats because he gives zero fucks about talking MAJOR shit. To be clear (dummies), this is in fact a parody account but there's nothing lacking when it comes to his game time facts. His timeline is where sports commentating, memes, pics, videos, and info collide in a devilishly awesome way. Tom “Evil” Tebow is the perfect follow to lead you down the road to hardy-har-ville in 2015. (Please don't unfollow us for that cheeseball line.)

6. Patrick McLellan (@pmclellan)
Bio: Comedian. Writer of Things on Television. Thought Catalog. The Daily Dangle. Important. Hungry.

Holy random and holy shit hilarious, Patrick's feed always keeps us on our toes. He chats it up about sports, delivers super smart one-liners, and his clever little thoughts make us wish he'd book an OC date soon so we can watch him in action long form. (Hellloo!) Patrick indeed appeals to a wide variety of peeps so if you need some laughter in your life, this account is one to jump on. Pronto. He's also punny a motherfucker. (OK, we apologize for that one too.)

5. Desi Jedeikin (@DesiJedeikin)
Bio: Kool Thing

We're not sure how we got wind of Desi in 2014 but shiiiiit, we're certainly glad we found her. She's been a daily “go-to” for us on all things naughty and since we now care about her, we've started to worry about her hydration levels because of all of the things that make her cum sooo much. What we don't worry about is how hot she is because according to some of our favorite tweets from her, she's the hottest bitch at dumpsters eating carne asada fries, at Cracker Barrel and Autozone, and at Lutheran church polling places. She also finds the most inappropriately funny pictures that leave us willing to kill just to go through her Google search.

4. Trevor S (@trevso_electric)
Bio: Jewish. Creator of @dance_blessed. Jewish.

We're convinced that there is no topic that Trevor S doesn't touch. Music, current events, movies, food…he hits all of the marks and hits them damn well. And don't worry kids, he also throws in plenty of “bae” humor to keep you entertained as well. Simply put, Trevor and Twitter are a match made in cyber-heaven.

3. Randi Lawson (@RandiLawson)
Bio: My motto would be YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO TAN OR TOO THIN if it wasn't already YOU CAN NEVER WATCH TOO MUCH TV

Talk about a bad bitch! Randi is so badass and so fucking funny. Obviously a ton of people agree with us because she has a nice numbers of followers but what we don't get is why she isn't pulling Katy Perry numbers. Or at least Rihanna numbers! Lawson fills her timeline dropping both naughty and nice bits and at times, she even gives us helpful advice like, “Never bring a selfie stick to a knife fight or anywhere.” Words to live by girl.

2. Michael Che (@CheThinks)
Bio: feminist. blogger. vegan. vintage. quirky. glasses. nosering.

We feel like we've grown along with Michael this year not just through the TV, but also through his tweets. We liked Che before but reading him say what he's thinking sans a filter, watching him stand his ground on tons of topics, and allowing him to thought provoke us with music questions and lyrics make us love him even more. He also takes us along on his ride by posting up plenty of Instagram pics filled with utterly fantastic randomness.

1. Damien Fahey (@DamienFahey)
Bio: Writer for Family Guy.

Damien Fahey is completely unpredictable in the best way possible on Twitter. He doesn't kill your timeline with excessive bullshit so when he does hit send, you never know what he's going to say. What we always do know is that he is always hilarious and totally sharp witted. So yeah, we highly recommended Fahey. Hence why we put him as number one. He f-ing rules. Happy New Year's.

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