Too Much Mike Carona on the Mind at LA Times

Poor Los Angeles Times, Orange County Edition. Not only has it been operating with reduced numbers for years, not only did it suffer layoffs and buyouts this year, not only are its alumni preparing to destroy parts of it, not only is it commonly playing catchup to the also-suffering Orange County Register, but it apparently doesn't have enough copy editors on hand to catch easy mistakes–or, those copy editors are reading too many of Christine Hanley's dispatches from the Mike Carona corruption trial. In today's print edition on a story the Reg originally published online last Friday, regarding a Corona del Mar couple fighting the California Coastal Commission, the subdeck in the dead-print edition read, “Retirees have spent years wrangling with the state over amenities on their slice of Carona del Mar” (italics mine). It's one thing to misspell a word or last name, but a city?! In Orange County?! By a paper purporting to cover Orange County?! What's next? Haidlington Beach? La Haramillo? Buena Debbie?

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