Tony Rackauckas Hunting Commies in Little Saigon?

The Weekly never passes up on an opportunity to make fun of our favorite local lawman—favorite, now that Sheriff Mike Carona's out of the picture, that is—Tony Rackauckas. So when we saw this item on the fiesty and irreverent Bolsavik blog by ex-Nguoi Viet Daily News managing editor Hao-Nhien Vu, we couldn't resist posting it here. (Actually Bolsavik got the item from both Red County and Reg staffer Martin Wisckol's blog).

Apparently, Rackauckas held a meeting with the beseiged editors of Nguoi Viet, who fired Hao-Nhien Vu and another top editor after local anti-commie protesters raised hell about a photograph they felt proved the paper is soft on communism. The protesters, of course, are about as right-wing as they come. But that fact seems to have been lost on Rackauckas, who seems to believe they're commies.

In a meeting with the publisher and the editor of Nguoi Viet, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said about the protests: “The District Attorney’s Office cannot say who really is behind the demonstration, but I’m sure that it would benefit the Vietnamese government if the community breaks into pieces and doesn’t have one voice.”

Give us as break Tony. Don't you read our paper? If you did, you'd know all about these protesters and their heartfelt opposition to communism. You'd know that Viet Weekly, not Nguoi Viet, is really a more likely candidate for red-baiting as an agent of Hanoi. And you'd also know that OC Weekly, the only paper in the county to ever put Ho Chi Minh on the cover, is the only local paper that really deserves being called pro-commie.

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