Tony Hawk Reverse Pelvic Thrust 900 Skating Trick at Downtown Disney Doesn't Pan Out

Musing about Tony Hawk 11 years ago, an OC Weekly cover snidely stated, “Dude, You're Old.”

It's also been opined here–or maybe it was elsewhere–that skateboards should have an expiration date.

Hawk, who is 62 (check that: 42), gave credence to both notions Saturday afternoon at Downtown Disney.

That's where Quiksliver's Action Sports Weekend headliner fell while doing a routine trick, injured his pelvis and had to be helped into the ESPN Zone restaurant like your great-grandpappy and his oxygen tank last Father's Day.

Ever the class act, Hawk did first thank the crowd of several hundred for swinging by.

Then he yelled at them to stop knocking baseballs into his front planter.

OK, that last part was made up, but this from Hawk's website Sunday is real:

“He's going
to be okay, but did suffer some sort of pelvic fracture. Still
determining the extent of the injury.”

Since one's pelvis is not utilized while tweeting (except in some unclaimed lands ruled by hairless gypsies), Hawk was physically able to post this update for his more than 2 million Twitter followerers after a Sunday morning CAT scan:

“Pelvic vertical shear injury” & a hematoma in a pear tree is
the semi-official diagnosis. All I know is: I can't lift my legs &
it sucks.”

They say the pelvis is the first to go, Tony.

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