Tonight's Death Row Dinner Course At The Playground: A Cool $150

Have you been following the Death Row Meal at Playground? It's a dinner of things the chefs would eat as their last meal, one course at a time, every Friday.

I ate the first one–a huge plate of Benton's country ham served with two large pieces of pa amb tomàquet (toasted bread smeared with tomatoes). There's been Jidori chicken liver mousse and “turkey dinner leftovers”, but I've been out of town and I haven't checked back in until recently, but tonight's price tag rocked me back on my heels a bit.



Yes, seriously. A benjamin and a half for Death Row Meal Course Five.

What do you get?

Two pounds of glistening, rich, fattening foie gras roasted with maple syrup, then served with white cheddar cheese on a waffle. Did we mention the two pounds of foie gras already?

If you go and order it, let us know how it is… we'll be here slurping down our 30-cent Korean ramen packet.

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