TONIGHT: Quadron at Commonwealth Lounge

So what's the reward for taking a horribly underrepresented musical genre in your native country and playing the hell out of it? In the case of Danish R&B duo Quadron, it's been well worth the risk.  

From the shores of their native Copenhagen to the frequencies of Santa Monica's KCRW (89.9 FM), vocalist Coco O. and Robin Hannibal are garnering considerable amounts of praise from all corners of the world for their playful fusion of neo-soul and electro-inspired knob twiddling, which they've instinctively labelled “electronic soul.” Whatever–it's good no matter what you call it. And tonight, their sound is coming straight towards you, as KCRW presents Quadron live at the Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton. 

Aside from being the flavor du jour on FM's radio's biggest taste maker, the group also got lots of L.A. love at last month's UCLA Jazz and Reggae Festival, where they dosed the crowd with the laid back, hip-rocking atmospherics of their self-titled, debut full-length (released March 23, 2010 on Plug Research). So how does this duo of soulful Danes stack up against our American talent? Come out tonight and judge for yourself. For now, check the video for their song, “Pressure.”

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