Tonight: Neil Hamburger at Alex's Bar!

Why did NASA send a titanium copy of the latest Linkin Park album to every planet in our solar system?

Well, to kill off any interest that the aliens may have had in invading earth.

That's one of the many jokes in the considerable arsenal of Neil Hamburger, “America's youngest comedian.” For those unfamiliar, Hamburger is in the same milieu of Andy Kaufman's Tony Clifton character, an intentionally bad comic that tells unfunny jokes and bitterly insults his audience; which is, depending on your appreciation of irony and anti-humor, either totally hilarious or something you just don't get. He's in concert tonight at Alex's Bar in Long Beach.

The reason this is on our music blog is because earlier this year, Hamburger released Sings Country Winners, a surprisingly competent send-up of old-school honky tonk. He's been touring with his band, and doing 1/2 music, 1/2 stand up shows.

I called over to Alex's Bar to see if they knew if this was a show with his band or just straight stand-up; they weren't sure (?) but guessed it was stand-up, since the other acts were comedy (as if his country music was totally serious). Some of them, yes (“the comedy stylings of Jason Boggs”), but there's also Joe Jack Talcum of the Dead Milkmen performing a solo acoustic set. So who knows? Should be fun either way.

And he's not wrong about Linkin Park.


Here's Neil Hamburger bombing, gloriously, on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Here's his amazing “cranberry sauce” routine:

And the video for “Jug Town,” off his country album:

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