Tonight: Francisco the Man!, The Sweet Sweet Things, Free at Detroit Bar

One thing that I've noticed since moving here is that the local TV news, the ABC affiliate at least, seems to be obsessed with “Dancing with the Stars.” Sure, it's a popular show (still?), I get that, and it's filmed in LA and our local news is from LA. I've been known to watch it a time or too myself (OK, I used to blog about it regularly, and I once was a guest on a Canadian talk radio show as a “DwtS” expert. Fine). But is it really something that deserves coverage right up there with the ongoing fires and political races? Hard to say.

Anyway, if you're able to tear yourself away from “Dancing with the Stars” or other scintillating Monday night television, why not do something radically different, like head over to Detroit Bar, where Francisco the Man! and Costa Mesa's own The Sweet Sweet Things are halfway through their November Monday residency. They were the subject of the most recent Locals Only by the indefatigable Erin DeWitt, after all. My Pet Saddle open up tonight.

Other than that, it's a pretty slow night for shows (Monday and all). There's Café Tacuba at the Grove, but that's been sold out for a while.

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