Tomorrow, Try Bacon Pastrami at Dog Haus Santa Ana

During his recent Little Caesar's bacon-crust adventure, Ryan Cady lamented the lack of love for pastrami.Well, lucky for him (and you), tomorrow you can have the best of both worlds at Dog Haus in Santa Ana's MainPlace Mall, where they'll be having a special one-day bacon pastrami pop-up menu.


On deck will be three dishes. You can get a crispy bacon-pastrami sandwich with gruyere cheese sauce and 1001 island slaw on grilled King's Hawaiian bun, bacon-pastrami poutine, or a salad of smoked chile glazed bacon-pastrami, cabbage, Oaxacan string cheese, pickled corn, green onion, sesame seeds and garlic-cilantro dressing.

The menu will be available tomorrow at MainPlace Mall starting noon until 6 p.m. You'll also get a chance to meet Dog Haus Culinary Director Michael Brown and W├╝rstmacher (sausage maker) Adam Gertler.

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