Tomorrow: Dave Emery of Sol del Sur Pop-Up Event!

Dave Emery of the excellent but shuttered Sol del Sur—a chef that we dubbed “Best Culinary Experimentalist” and I called a “juggernaut”—is holding another secret pop-up dinner tomorrow, March 5th, after the success of his last one. This one he’s entitled “The Italian Food you Never Knew.” 

On a Facebook page he’s set-up for these dinners he writes the following about tomorrow’s event:

“This is not going to be lasagna and meatballs. There are 21 regions of Italy, each with their own distinctive cuisine. Most of it never makes it to the States.”

True to his word, “Nervetti en Insalata with Puffed Beef Tendons” and “Tonno di Coniglio con Mirto” are listed among the crazy number of courses he plans to cook.

If you’re interested, you must e-mail him at so*******@co*.net and pre-pay $75 per person via VISA, AmEx, Master, or Paypal and is all inclusive (that is to say, wine pairings for each plate is provided).

Though no refunds allowed, tickets are transferable. The location will be e-mailed to ticket holders the day before event. (The meeting place is somewhere in central Orange County.)

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