Tom Leykis Show One-Year Anniversary Party THIS MONDAY in Long Beach!

Man, how time flies: I still remember the first day that The Tom Leykis Show returned to the airwaves on April 2 last year. I was in some goddamn hotel room or other, waiting until I had to give a speech and needing to laugh my ass off by listening to the Professor. Can't say I had any expectations for Leykis' Internet efforts except to not underestimate him–and not only did Tom excel beyond belief, he continues to wow every day. And I don't say this just because I kick it with him every last Wednesday of the month for my monthly ¡Ask a Mexican! hour, because he lets my cousin Plácido tell a negrito joke, and because we drink all the ON Tequila one could possibly drink in three hours.

As a token of his appreciation to all his fans, Leykis is holding a listener party THIS MONDAY at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach.

What to expect? Hot chicks. A bunch of Orange Countians. A bunch of Mexicans. Booze. Food. DESMADRE. Leykis is auctioning off a chance to join his party bus, and you better put in your bid fast, before it goes any higher than the $1,100 it's currently at.

Details are simple–read them over here. See you there!

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