Tom Green Likes Cheese, But You Wouldn't Know That From Our Interview

Tom Green has been making us laugh for years with his hilarious antics on TV, in movies, on-line, and most recently with his stand-up.

After touring all around the world, Tom is now bringing his act to the Irvine Improv and from Thursday (October 13th) through Sunday (October 16th), and you can take in all of his funny first hand for yourself.

Whether you choose to laugh with him, or laugh at him, you can be certain there will be plenty of laughs (and cheese in there somewhere)!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): When did you realize that shocking people while videotaping it would make your life more fun?

Tom Green: I've just always liked goofing around. I'm a goofball
that's always been doing goofy stuff. I took television broadcasting
after high school, back before YouTube and before there where phones and
cameras everywhere so it was kind of an interesting time. You had to
figure out how to get your hands on video camera equipment. We made all
of these crazy videos and put them on a public access station and MTV
picked up the show so, it was pretty exciting. It was a dream so I've
definitely had a lot fun.

Do you think there is any comedy that is off limits, like a tragedy or something?

Oh yeah, like stuff that is not funny. I don't think tragedy is off
limits because that's obviously an important part of comedy, and things
that are scary to us as human beings. That is why we laugh, the relief
of not worrying about certain things that are on our minds. That's what
comedy is for but I like to joke about things that are going to make
everyone feel good and happy. I want the audience to have a good time.

I saw the video where you traveled to Afghanistan and it looked scary
as shit, but you seemed pretty calm. Where you scared inside?

Yeah I was scared actually a little bit. I guess nervous is more the
word but I was excited too. I don't think I was every really afraid,
just more nervous. I was able to say, I'm out here for a week and the
odds are in my favor so, it was really just an honor and a privilege to
be there to perform for the military troops who are over there year
round. It was also just kind of interesting for me because I grew up in a
military family in Canada so, I've always been interested in the idea
of going in a combat zone like that and it was great to be part of it.

I loved the camera angles in the video and it was fun to watch but…I was terrified for you.

Yeah, it's a pretty cool video. Part of me just really wanted to have
that documented. When are you ever going to go to Afghanistan you know?

Ummm…I'm never going to go there, I'm a wuss for sure. How do the crowds differ around the world?

It's really a lot of fun everywhere to be honest with you. When you
go do comedy, people are coming out to have a good time. I think the
biggest buzz for me is how similar the crowds are as opposed to the
differences. The similarities are more surprising. I can talk about very
similar themes in England, Scotland, Australia, in Canada or the United
States and people pretty much respond the same way. Everyone is
addicted to their Facebook page, stuck on their text messages, watching
crappy reality TV shows and pissed off about the economy so it's pretty
much across the board. Everyone is going through the same thing which I
find very interesting so, I make fun of that a little bit. I think it's
been really fun to tour around the world though because it does give me
perspective on things I am talking about in my show too. I like to talk
about things that are universal themes. I've been having a great time
touring and doing shows around the world. I'm having a lot of fun doing

I didn't know you where such an amazing rapper and that you had a rap album back in the day! Do you have a rap name?

Yeah, I had an album when I was a teenager and it was released in
Canada. I was MC Bones rocking the microphone. I'm like a king on the
throne only thing is, I stand alone.

I'm elated right now…

[Laughs.] My group from 20 years ago just got back together and we
did a reunion show in Montreal for the “Just for Laughs” comedy

Any plans for another album? Part deux perhaps?

Ummm…you know there probably will be some more music coming at some
point because I have a studio in my house so I'm making music. I just
recorded some new music with some friends of mine and I may put it out
at some point on the internet but it's really just a more of a fun
hobby. There is so much video of me rapping and doing ridiculous things
on YouTube that's its sort of impossible to even tell you what to look
at. It's very strange with this world of technology but it's pretty fun.

The Xzibit video has so many hits on YouTube it just seems like the audience is begging for it.

That's pretty funny because I get people asking me about that one all
over the world so I may have to put something out! I'll have to drop
some singles or something!

Will you be doing any songs in Irvine?

It's possible. I also enjoy when I'm in a comedy club to do stand-up
more. It's just the perfect environment. Sometimes I'll do some music
but I haven't been doing it for about a year in my stand-up. The last
time I was in Irvine I did a little rapping and I had my guitar but I'm
not sure.

You've had tons of guests on your internet show but has there been a real stand-out guest amongst the greats?

You know it's been cool because of the amount of people who have done
the show, it's really positive you know? I've really had a lot of great
guests but it was great to have Ed McMahon several times before he
passed away. He did an amazing job and was really nice to me and I
thought that was really awesome having grown-up watching him and Johnny
Carson on the Tonight Show. It kind of inspired my show. I was pretty
honored to have him up at the house and I've had lots of other great
people, it's always cool. I'm probably going to start an internet
network in the near future so we can do more shows, just not out of my
living room!

It's got to be overwhelming for you to have all of those people where you live, no?

Yeah, yeah. That's why I want to do a show not in my living room
because I think I'll have a little more fun if I'm not in my living
room. But I was already having a lot of fun.

Do you pick the guests or do the guests pick you at this point?

Well the show is on hiatus right now but when we were shooting it, it
was kind of like we'd call them, people call me. We did it a very
casual way which made the show fun.

So with this comedy tour you kinda came full circle huh?

Yeah pretty much. I just decided I wanted to start doing it again and
take it a little more seriously and actually tour and travel the world.
So that was a goal and it's sorta working out because I've been touring
for a couple years now and I'm having a great time! I'm glad I invested
my time into figuring out how to do this because I really love it. I'm
gonna probably be touring a lot for the next couple of years.

Well the feedback has been awesome, you're like the American dream but Canadian.

[Laughs.] It's been cool and great to be able to have people come out
to the show and have a great time and respond on the internet. It's
been building as I travel and I think a lot of people have been watching
the stuff on the web for the last few years and they're coming out and
having a party! It's a pretty good time!

Well I for one can't wait! Give us the scoop on the Irvine show.

Jokes! It's gonna be ridiculous. We're gonna drink beers and have a ridiculous time and talk about all sorts of stupid stuff.

What's your beer of choice?

I like it when it's cold.

Fair enough. What is next for you?

I just shot my first stand-up special in Boston, which was amazing.
That's going to be a lot of fun and it's my first television stand-up
special on Showtime. I'm writing a couple of other things right now and
touring. I'm having a good time!

For past episodes of one of the best shows on the web, Tom Green's House
Tonight, check out To witness Tom's obsession with
cheese follow him on Twitter @TomGreenLive. For tickets to Green's Oct. 13 to 16 shows, call
949-854-5455 or go to The Improv is located at 71
Fortune Drive Irvine, (18+ over)

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