Tom Arnold

When you’re famous for being Rosanne Barr’s husband, then for being her ex-husband, then for being a loveable side-kick on major motion pictures, then for hosting redneck reality shows on the Country Music Television Network, it’s only logical that your next career step would be returning to stand-up comedy. At least it was for Tom Arnold. Getting back in touch with your roots is important! And Tom Arnold isn’t bald. In fact, he's taking that head of hair and mouth of jokes to the Irvine Improv Wednesday night to laugh the pain away. According to his bio, “Never scripted, Tom pokes fun at his Midwest past, marital follies and absurd Hollywood stories.” Sounds like it should be a great time for all who choose to attend. Do you choose laughter… Or tears?

Wed., Sept. 9, 8 p.m., 2015

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