Eat This Now: Sushi Pizza at Tokyo Table

Tokyo Table’s large corner building commands attention, but that’s not why it’s one of my favorite places to dine in Irvine. The restaurant’s innovative style features a menu full of traditional and non-traditional Japanese dishes, some so unusual you just have to try, like the Bomb Sushi Pizza.

When I saw this item on the menu I didn’t know what to expect—just that I had to have it. Arriving 15 minutes later on a raised wooden plate was an open-faced sushi roll crusted with seaweed and sticky rice. Dime-sized pieces of succulent lobster, buttery salmon, and rich scallops layer the pizza before being topped with my favorite part: fresh crab meat. Then it’s onions, jalapeños, bake, bake, bake, and just enough spicy dynamite sauce to leave a burning sensation on your lips. The best pizza in Irvine is at a Japanese spot—who knew?

2710 Alton Pkwy., #101, Irvine, (949) 263-0000;

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