Tokyo Fish Story

For anyone who watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi and was sent into swoons of culinary ecstasy, this latest production at the South Coast Repertory is sure to satiate. Kimber Lee’s Tokyo Fish Story follows the tail, er, tale of Koji, a traditional sushi chef with a some masterful knife skills. But when a cool new eatery opens up down the street, Koji’s conventional restaurant starts losing customers. Enter Takashi, a brilliant young chef whose old-school cultural respect hinders him from showing off his talents. Dubbed a “quiet play with a big heart,” Tokyo Fish Story combines poetry, subtle comedy, and a visually dazzling display of a sushi prepping ritual that will amaze. This is live theatre at its most delectable—but we’ll skip the uni, thanks.

Sun., March 8; March 10-12; March 14-15; March 17-22; March 24-29, 2015

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