Toke of the Week: What’s On The Shelves in Santa Ana?

What products do you miss seeing on shelves now that the new laws have gone into effect?

On July 1, a new layer of cannabis legislation went into effect: All cannabis products must be in childproof packaging, meet the legal milligram limit, and pass the strenuous lab testing requirements. Although it’s annoying to have to repackage and alter dosing measurements, the real problem is that there are only 30-licensed cannabis testing labs in California. There are hundreds of licensed cultivators and product manufacturers that have to get their products tested in order to be on shelves.

This, inevitably, creates a massive bottlenecking problem. Labs are going to be inundated with product and turn around time is going to be slow, meaning dispensary inventories are going to be sparse. That is, until more labs open and manufacturers have compliant products. In the meantime, Santa Ana dispensary shelves aren’t as full as they usually are. There are way more edibles and oils than flower; topicals are also limited.

Canndescent: You can find their various mood-themed strains on the shelves of South Coast Safe Access, 10 Spot, New Generation, MedMen, ShowGrow and Bud and Bloom.

Papa & Barkley: You can find their CBD and THC tinctures, topicals, and transdermal patches at 10 Spot, MedMen, Bud and Bloom, Kannabis Works.

Chill Chocolate: You can find these tasty, medicated chocolate bars at From the Earth, Blüm OC and 10 Spot.

Kurvana: This vape oil is one of our favorites. Thankfully it’s still on shelves. You can find the original Kurvana cartridges and their ‘Ascend’ line at Kannabis Works, South Coast Safe Access, New Generation, 10 Spot.

Dosist: These precise vape pens are the best for proper dosing. You can find them at Kannabis Works, New Generation, MedMen, Bud and Bloom, From the Earth, Cookies and Blüm OC.

Kiva: The chocolate bars and chocolate covered blueberries and coffee beans are compliant! Hallelujah. You can find them at South Coast Safe Access, 10 Spot, MedMen, and ShowGrow.

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