Toke of the Week: Tinley Tonics

Photo courtesy Tinley Beverage Co.

With its team of highly skilled beverage and cannabis experts, Tinley Beverage Co. ( believes its lineup of tonics may bridge the gap between enjoying a smoke-free cannabis experience at home and not doubling your daily recommended sugar intake. Using only the highest-quality THC distillate from Northern California, its elixirs’ euphoric effects can be felt in minutes; by the time you finish one of the deliciously thirst-quenching beverages, you’ll be ready for whatever curveball life has planned for you. 

Besides being affordable, tasty and easy on the eyes, Tinley’s 5-milligram-microdose mixers really stand out when paired with your favorite liquor. The agave-based sweetness of the Stone Daisy Cannabis-Infused Tonic is predestined for greatness, more so when you add tequila to the mix. Meanwhile, the High Horse elixir has just the right amount of spicy ginger to make even the snootiest of imbibers happier than a pig in slop. 

If you find yourself feeling a little less than your best after a full day of work, errands and stress, or if you’re guilty of posting memes about how you can’t wait for the weekend, let Tinley melt away your cares with its duo of tonics featuring full-flower effects and even-better flavors.

Visit the website for a list of retailers and delivery services that carry the $24 four-packs.

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