Toke of the Week: Raw Garden’s Concentrate

Photo courtesy of Raw Garden

Getting wine-drunk before 1 p.m. is often frowned upon, but with Raw Garden’s newest concentrate, you don’t have to wait for brunch to pop this bottle. This sauce is pure fire, stemming from equal parts cherry slurm, sour tangie and cherry wine; you can expect this indica-dominant hybrid to knock your socks off the moment you light up. 

Raw Garden uses only the cleanest and purest whole-plant flowers to craft its stellar lineup of sauces, budders and shatters. The company uses flash freezing and advanced crystallization techniques so the result is always miles ahead of its competitors. It’s perfect for daytime smoking without the risk of that dreaded same-day hangover. And at $35 per gram, you’ll feel the impact from this potent sangria mix from your head all the way down to your toes—but not your wallet. 

Photo courtesy of Raw Garden

With Raw Garden raising the bar with each new strain, it’s hard to keep up, but it sure is fun to try. 

Available at Blüm, 2911 Tech Center Dr., Santa Ana, (949) 238-4203; or via delivery at

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