Toke of the Week: Protab From Level

Image courtesy of Level

What’s the point of going on vacation if you’re not going to spend it getting higher than a giraffe’s ass on a Jet Ski in crystal-clear salt water? Since gas prices aren’t getting any cheaper, why should we leave when we have the pleasure of living in a place that most people work their entire lives to visit once. Call me crazy, but the weather is usually amazing, there’s great food on every corner, and there’s also this little plant called cannabis that happens to be completely legal. With beaches, camping, hiking, and shopping all readily available within a few miles, why should I have to strap myself into a tinfoil cylinder and try to fight gravity for a few hours in order to see a lame version of my own city?

But if you already have that summer body ready and your tickets are bought, you might as well make sure you’ll be keeping it irie with these easy-to-swallow pills from the people at Level. Each 25-milligram tablet blends in easily with your daily vitamins while traveling so those TSA jerks and Johnny Law will be none the wiser. The cerebral high from these Protabs is perfect for exploring a new place while your mind drifts blissfully into full relaxation without feeling weighted down by “couch lock.”

Available at MedMen, 2141 S. Wright St., Santa Ana, (714) 515-8506;

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