Toke of the Week: Nug Sunshine OG

It’s a Sunshine OG day, courtesy of Nug

OG Kush is known for its heavy-hitting potency, with all its THC testing in the upper 20s and lower 30s percentage-wise. Nug’s latest offering, the aptly named Sunshine OG, is no exception.

What sets Sunshine apart is the uplifting and euphoric effects that help to balance and temper a mellower OG feel; plus, there’s a potent smell of summer fruits with mild skunkyness. This product is the perfect choice for smokers who love the power of OG but want to stay functional while poolside this summer.

I brought along a few of my finely rolled joints filled with Nug’s carefully crafted flowers when I went to see Keanu Reeves’ latest punch-fest, and apart from spending way too much money on stale popcorn, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent sedated on a recliner while watching a man kill everyone in New York over a dog.

Available at MedMen, 2141 S. Wright St., Santa Ana, (714) 515-8506;

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