Toke of the Week: Little Shop of Oils’ Plant Magic

Photo courtesy Little Shop of Oils

The old saying “shop local” is a nice idea, but it doesn’t take into account whether the local product is comparable or better than its competitors. People often choose to go with the more recognizable brand because of loyalty, availability and price, which leaves smaller brands fighting for their spot in an already-oversaturated market. 

The local entrepreneurs behind Little Shop of Oils ( craft some of the most interesting blends of therapeutic oils I’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling. Plant Magic’s signature scent isn’t just skin-deep; each $35 roll-on applicator comes infused with 70 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD. The oil blend boasts an impressive profile of fresh wintergreen and peppermint with a strong woodsy finish courtesy of the addition of copaiba, a tree found in Central America that is known for its pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties as well as its ability to treat minor abrasions and infections. With all its pain-relieving effects, you’ll want to bathe in the stuff. 

Whenever I’m not at the Weekly offices writing award-winning commentary about the cannabis industry, I am behind a bar making drinks. In one week, I got more compliments about this inexpensive CBD-infused scent than I have while wearing colognes that cost three times as much and have zero health benefits. 

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