Toke of the Week: Kwik Ease

Photo by Jefferson VanBilliard

I recently turned 34, and at the risk of sounding like a cliché, I have to admit that hangovers do get worse as you age. Sure, I may have spent my 20s hugging my toilet in the early-morning light more often than I’d care to admit, but I’d happily trade one of those days for what I just experienced. I awoke to the sounds of stand-up citizens living their lives happily while a 10-man brass band steadily marched through my skull. In between trips to the porcelain throne and groaning in my bed, I made a judgment call that was honestly the best decision I’d made in the previous 24 hours. I grabbed my laptop, navigated to, and filled my cart with enough cannabis products to make Willie Nelson think I needed an intervention. 

After about an hour—or 12 bathroom trips, depending on how you measure time—I had my hands on the package that was sure to give me the boost I needed to beat the worst hangover in recorded history. Joints were smoked, dabs were heated, and demons were exorcised, but I still couldn’t shake the fact that, at any given moment, the contents of my stomach were in danger of coming up without much notice. That is, until I swallowed a magical elixir known as Kwik Ease. Two fluid ounces of filtered water, honey, ginger and CO2-extracted cannabis oil ($15) slowly made their way down my esophagus to provide me with some much-needed relief. If you’re feeling less than your best, or if you just want to get faded, let Puffy Delivery and Kwik Ease help you reach a higher plane. 

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