Toke of the Week: Korova’s Critical Cheese

Photo courtesy Korova

According to some website I found on the internet, about 15 million Americans currently suffer from some form of social anxiety. Whether it’s about how you are perceived by your peers or judged for who you are, dealing with that means you’re inevitably wasting your energy instead of focusing on being the best version of yourself. 

For me, cannabis was a gateway toward a path of less anxiety, better sleeping/dietary habits and, ultimately, a more rewarding life. Every time that little voice in my head starts to get louder and more obnoxious, I use my friend Mary to help shut him up, which lets me complete whatever task is in front of me. I firmly believe that cannabis can help alleviate some, if not most, of the mental health issues we face today.

Korova’s Critical Cheese is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that walks the thin line between euphoria and passing out with your shoes on. The oily, pungent flowers are absolutely drenched in resinous sap and are ready to send any bad vibes packing. Besides Korova always being a brand whose products continue to push the limit in strain genetics, there’s the simple fact that I have yet to find a bad batch from its impressive selection of flowers and concentrates. Lighting up an eighth of Korova’s bountiful harvest ($53) provides you with hours of productivity without any signs of that pesky anxiety to stop you. 

Now, when someone asks, “who cut the cheese?” you can wholeheartedly admit it was you. 

Available at From the Earth, 3023 S. Orange Ave., Santa Ana, (657) 444-7336;

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