Toke of the Week: Hi-Sicles by LOL

Photo courtesy LOL Edibles

When I was younger, every trip to the grocery store with my mother was an exercise in patience. As she busied herself with selecting products that would nourish her family, I was busy finding the item that I would later beg her to purchase with empty promises of finished chores and going to bed on time. Among my favorite things to haggle over were Otter Pops. Just about every child in America knew these frozen treats—with flavors such as Poncho Punch or Louie-bloo Raspberry—were used as currency to settle disputes, pay off debts or show someone you cared. The problem with those neon-colored sugar sticks, though, was that they were never stored in the frozen food section, so after they were purchased, you had to wait several hours once you got home for the liquid to freeze. That’s basically a year in kid-time! 

LOL edibles has captured the essence of every kid’s experience by introducing its own line of ice pops, but for its Hi-Sicles ($25.95), Little Orphan Orange has been adopted and replaced with a THC-rich orange creamsicle flavor. Now, whenever the temperature goes above 80 degrees, you can cool off and mellow out by enjoying one or three of these frosty novelties. By the time you’ve finished your stroll down memory lane, you’ll be higher than the cost of health care in the United States. 

Fun fact: Otter Pops’ Sir Isaac Lime was almost discontinued and replaced by Scarlett O’Cherry in 1995 until a group of fourth-graders in Orange County successfully petitioned for his return by protesting at the company’s headquarters. Go us! You can celebrate their historic achievement by stocking your freezer with these THC-laced throwbacks to our childhood. 

Available at Mr. Nice Guy, 730 E. Dyer Rd., Santa Ana, (714) 477-6892.

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