Toke of the Week: Henry’s Original Flower Sticks for the Omura

Photo courtesy Henry’s Original

The Omura uses heat-not-burn technology to vaporize cannabis flowers, leaving you with all the effects and none of the risk of overconsumption. The smoke-free system ensures a discreet way to experience the “whole-flower effect.” Simply tap the button to begin heating the Omura system, and when the light goes off, you’ll feel a small vibration that tells you it’s ready for action. 

You’ll plug the flower stick into the device and begin sipping it, almost like a straw. Each Henry’s Original—a name that’s become synonymous with “expertly crafted”—flower stick contains exactly 0.176 grams of safe, lab-tested cannabis and is sold in a 12-stick pack for $35. 

By the end of three minutes, you’ll be enjoying the “entourage effect” as if your name was Turtle. The devices are available for $80 in a variety of colors to fit your personality and style. Just make sure you thank us when this becomes your new favorite way to get baked. 

Available via or by visiting the Spot, 3242 S. Halladay St., Ste. 100A, Santa Ana, (800) 836-7768. 

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