Toke of the Week: goodbrands’ goodmints

Photo courtesy goodbrands

Founded in 2018 with the purpose of bringing cannabis to lifestyle-focused individuals, goodbrands offers a lineup of skillfully cultivated flowers and prerolls that’s already taking the industry by storm. And at the Hall of Flowers in September, the Canndescent-owned line recently leveled up with a new edible offering, goodmints. 

It takes the rapid-release confections about three to 10 minutes to relay their effects, while also leaving your mouth with a clean, just-brushed feeling. At a cost of about a $1 per experience, it’s convenient to bring this refresher wherever you go. Available in three different ratios of CBD:THC (4:1, 1:1, 1:4), each cannabinoid profile is tailored to fit your specific needs. The mints work by leveraging mucosal absorption for greater bioavailability—which is nerd-talk for these babies are fast-acting and powerful. 

Whether it’s to provide relief after a long day or to get motivated before that big meeting, goodbrands goodmints should be a staple in your purse, bag or desk drawer. I’ve been using the mints for about a week, and I can assure you of two things: My breath has never been fresher, and my workplace has been none the wiser. (Just make sure you’re careful who you open the tin around, or you’ll be explaining to Karen in HR that you didn’t mean to micro-dose half the office.) 

Available at dispensaries throughout Southern California. 

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