Toke of the Week: Good Day Cold Brew

Photo courtesy of Good Day Cold Brew

By my count, there are roughly 3 million products containing some sort of CBD currently available in California, which means that anyone trying to find the regimen or method that works best has a monumental task ahead of them. 

Luckily, everyone reading this can relax: I have already done a lot of the legwork for you, rigorously testing every product I can, even if it means sacrificing my time, sanity and body. After sampling everything from gummy bears to a snack that is actually made for dogs (which I did not know prior to consuming it), I finally found something I think can provide us all with a little relief. 

For starters, Good Day Cold Brew tastes great, with just enough bitterness on the coffee’s finish while containing just enough caffeine to erase whatever damage you caused the night before. As someone who has always been susceptible to caffeine, I had my reservations about taking an entire serving of this miracle elixir. But my morning meetings flew by, I didn’t feel the same amount of anxiety I’ve experienced with other coffees, and I was able to stay motivated and chipper not only throughout the day, but also well into the night.

Visit to fill your fridge with bright-orange cans of liquid motivation. 

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