Toke of the Week: Chalice Farms Fruit Chews

Photo courtesy Chalice Farms

Chalice Farms (, an Oregon-based cannabis company specializing in confectionary chews, has already seen its products flourish throughout Nevada and the Beaver State. And now that its lineup of delicious edibles is available for consumption in California, stoners and health-conscious folks alike can agree that Chalice’s fruit chews should be in every pothead’s pantry. Flavored with natural fruit purée, the chews also include such wellness-focused ingredients as maca root, goji berry, elderberry, chamomile, passionfruit and açaí. And they are completely vegan, soy-free and gluten-free and contain a powerful mix of highly potent, consistent, flavorless THC-distillate oil.  

Designed to aid with sleep, balance, energy and calm, the chews are available in a full range of doses, from 5 milligrams all the way to the coma-inducing 50 milligrams. For the cannabis-user who is looking for the health benefits without any euphoric effects, look no further than the THC-free green apple flavor, which contains hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. 

This holiday season, let Chalice Farms be your ticket to shorter lines, happier family gatherings and quite possibly this season’s ultimate stocking stuffer. 

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