Toke Of The Week: CanLock

Stale weed be damned! With CanLock’s patented airtight container traveling with your precious cargo no longer smells like you packed a skunk in your carry-on. The first of it’s kind canister features a lid with a built-in pump for odor controlled protection from the elements, your nosy roommate, and whatever else you find on your journey through life. The smell proof, washable jar is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand while still being able to hold around 11 grams of the devils broccoli. Headed to a festival? CanLock also fits about 15 Raw King Size cones for the stoner that likes to plan ahead. If you travel often, and hate wondering if everyone in the general vicinity can smell your reeking jeans then visit and become a silent, stoney ninja. Besides, with the prices we are paying for the average 8th why would you let your buds get old and dried out?

Stay Fresh. Courtesy of CanLock

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