Toke of the Week: Bloom Farms CBD Vape Cartridges

Photo courtesy Bloom Farms

Since the last time I wrote about a vape pen for the Weekly’s Toke of the Week column, something amazing happened: I quit smoking. No, not cannabis; I’m talking about cigarettes. The smell, cost and health risks involved with my despicable habit had finally run their course, leaving me with a diminished appetite, extra anxiety and a lot of sleepless nights. To combat the aforementioned issues I was dealing with daily, I knew I had to trick my brain into thinking it was business as usual by stepping out every 30 minutes to puff on something that would not only take the edge off, but also help ease my newly acquired stress and anxiousness. 

Bloom Farms’ newest CBD vape cartridges helped in ways that gum, patches and meditation couldn’t—and it tasted great. Unlike brands that rely on isolates or cheaper lengtheners, Bloom pens are made with high-quality, uncut, hemp-derived CBD oil that gets its flavor, viscosity and cannabinoids from pure flower. 

Plus, since 2015, Bloom has pledged a 1:1 meal donation for every product sold. Using its vast network of food banks and outreach programs has resulted in more than 2 million meals to date. Now you can puff away with pride knowing you’re doing your part to help make the world a better place. You can find more information on this program, as well as its products and a list of local vendors, via 

Now, ditch that Juul and graduate to a higher state of consciousness!

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