Toke of the Week: Autumn Brands Flowers

Photo courtesy Autumn Brands

About once a week, I find myself explaining that what I do for a living doesn’t mean I have piles of free cannabis lying around my house (if only!). The next most popular query is what strain or company I think someone should try. For anyone looking for that classic euphoric experience of laughing at nothing while eating your body weight in food, I recommend Autumn Brands flowers as a permanent fixture in their medicine cabinet.

Hailing from Santa Barbara, the company started when two families with years of experience between them merged to bring their carefully crafted flowers to the masses. The 50 percent female-owned company goes to great lengths to ensure every bud is grown sustainably and without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals.

The Strawberry Banana strain, at $32 per eighth, is known for its high THC content, as well as its pungent aroma of fruity berries and cream. This hybrid plant is your key to unlocking the perfect summertime session. With its effervescent taste, novice smokers may believe it’s innocent, but beware: Too many tokes of this sour lettuce may leave you stranded on the nearest beach chair.

Available at Kannabis Works, 2106 S. Susan St., Santa Ana, (949) 662-3960;

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